Jun 29, 2013

Best made-to-order PIZZA - Barking Dog restaurant, 150 East 34th Street near 3rd Avenue

NYC, pizza, Barking Dog restaurant
order a 12" margarita [classic] pizza with your favorite toppings - more than enough for two - plus Brooklyn Brewery beer

NYC, pizza, Barking Dog restaurant, Pedro
Pedro on the attack . . .

Jun 23, 2013

Madison Square Park, Summer Twilight

NYC, Madison Square Park, twilght
lavender-tinged twilight at Madison Square Park

NYC, Madison Square Park fountain
fountain at Madison Square Park

Shake Shack at Madison Square Park

Jun 22, 2013

Summer in Bryant Park

peonies, pink flowers
pretty in pink

New York, Bryant Park
Bryant Park has the best public restrooms - really!

New York, Bryant Park, people on park lawn
summertime in Bryant Park, New York City

NYC, Bryant Park carrousel, rabbit ride
Le Carrousel at Bryant Park, "rabbit ride"

NYC, Bryant Park carrousel
Bryant Park carrousel, horse and cat rides

NYC, Bryant Park, mother and child
pretty mom, cute baby

Jun 20, 2013

Freedom Tower

NYC, lower Manhattan, Freedom Tower
lower Manhattan, Freedom Tower reflecting blue sky and whit clouds

Jun 19, 2013

Jun 14, 2013

New York Transit Museum - Boerum Place, Brooklyn

Transit Museum, Brooklyn, vintage turnstile
vintage turnstile at Transit Museum

subway token, Transit Museum
subway token

vintage subway car, cane seat
vintage subway car with cane seats

subway car, transit museum, ceiling fans
ceiling fans in subway car

vintage advertising sign in subway car, Transit Museum
vintage advertising sign in subway car
vintage subway car, Transit Museum
check out the straps - that's where we get the term "straphanger"

Transit Museum, old wooden cars
old polished wood cars