Nov 29, 2012

Union Square Park area

Union Square Park, bandshell pavilion
bandshell pavilion at the northern end of Union Square Park

Old Town Bar, near Union Square
Old Town Bar, East 18th Street

Union Square Park, squirrel
squirrel enjoys a bench in the park

Nov 25, 2012

Central Park in Autumn

Central Park, the Pond
the Pond in Autumn, Central Park

Central Park, the Pond
another view of the Pond

Central Park, Pedro
Pedro photographs the park

Central Park, the Pond, buildings surround the park
a little country in the middle of the city

Nov 17, 2012

Store Windows near Union Square, in November holiday season

holiday window displays
wintry sparkle

holiday window displays
mostly white and silver

window display
President Obama's "mug" on a mug 

full-sized horse sculpture in store window
sure - why not turn a full-sized horse sculpture into a lamp?!

Nov 16, 2012

On the Street in Midtown

Empire State Building, Lady Liberty statue
"Lady Liberty" raises her torch to the Empire State Building

Empire State Building, Uncle Sam statue
Uncle Sam statue near the Empire State Building
                    "fake" Lady Liberty and "fake" Uncle Sam, with real Empire State Building