Feb 11, 2013

Snow in Brooklyn

Brooklyn, snow, Pedro
photographing Pedro while he photographs

Brooklyn, snow, reflection
reflection in melting snow

Brooklyn, snow
snow and bare trees line the street

Feb 10, 2013

Abundance and Scarcity: Photography show at Calumet Gallery

Professional Women Photographers exhibition at Calumet Gallery, opening night artist's reception on Friday February 1st titled "Abundance and Scarcity".

I have three photographs in this show  (see pictures),  titles as follows: "A River Runs Through the Bronx", "Majestic Ruin, Cuba", and "Still Running, 1940s Chevy, Cuba".
Kat DiStefano, photography, Professional Women Photographers
photo by Kat DiStefano

Kat DiStefano, photography, Professional Women Photographers
photos by Kat DiStefano
Calumet Gallery, Kat, Anita
Kat and Anita (photo by Pedro Hidalgo)

Calumet Gallery, opening night crowd
opening night crowd at Calumet Gallery (photo by Pedro Hidalgo

friends at opening night at Calumet Gallery
Kat, Donovan, Judith, Anita (photo by Pedro Hidalgo)
Thanks to all who attended, and thanks Mother Nature for waiting a week before creating a blizzard in the northeast! (and thank you Pedro for the 'people' photos: Kat and Anita; crowd scene; Kat, Donovan, Judith, and Anita)